Licensing Applications

Crosse + Crosse are happy to advise on matters under the Licensing Act 2003. Experience in particular comes from work we do in securing the licence needed for a prominent and substantial local music festival.

The provision of advice, assistance and representation in relation to Licensing Applications for business premises.

  1. Our charges for an “uncontested” Premises Licence application (i.e. where there are no objections within 28 days) range between £1,000 to £2,500 plus VAT.
  2. If the matter is contested (i.e. it proceeds to a Committee Hearing) then our charges range between £2,000 to £4,000 plus VAT.
  3. If you apply to vary your existing licence then our charges range between £1,500 to £2,500 plus VAT.
  4. The charges indicated exclude VAT, which will be charged in addition at the prevailing rate.
  5. These estimates are based upon past experience; the actual cost to you will depend on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the size and nature of the premises, the size and nature of the activity and the likelihood of objections. We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you and provide you with a specific quotation if required.
  6. The charge is based on our hourly rates of between £160 and £210 plus VAT.
  7. There may be other related costs on top. There are fees and expenses we will need to pay on your behalf as part of the process, such as licensing application fees. These are based on the rateable value of the business premises and start from £100 (no VAT). However, additional fees are payable for events with over 5,000 people, and further information can be obtained from the relevant licensing authority. Other expenses can include advertising costs of approximately £300 plus VAT. These costs are likely to start from £400 in total plus VAT where relevant. However, as these fees will vary with the location of the premises and nature of the event this estimate is only a guide. We would be happy to provide you with a specific quotation if required.
  8. Our people involved in doing the work will include –
    Partner and Head of Department - Tim Selley 
    Legal Support - Jennie Pym
  9. The work we may carry out and likely timescales are as follows:-
    • Ascertaining your licensing needs – up to two weeks;
    • Advising you on how your application fits with licensing objectives, these being –
      • prevention of crime and disorder
      • public safety
      • prevention of public nuisance
      • protection of children from harm - up to two weeks
    • Liaison with relevant authorities, (if appropriate), to explore whether areas of controversy can be resolved prior to the application – up to two weeks;
    • Presenting the application including plans with the relevant licensing authority. We usually ask you to provide suitable plans – up to two weeks from all relevant information being provided by you;
    • Service of application on relevant parties - 28-day consultation period;
    • Advertising the application in official publications as required by legislation;
    • Representation at any committee hearing – up to 20 days from the end of the consultation period.
  10. Our fees do not include any external costs and charges that may be incurred as part of the process (e.g. damages, fines, fees, penalties, royalties or other liabilities). You will also be responsible for these items.
  11. The suggested timescales are based on past experience but are for guidance only. The likely timescales will depend on the nature of your requirements and we are able to estimate those upon receipt of more information as to your licensing requirements.
  12. The charges set out above do not apply to any Personal Licence application. We would be happy to provide you with a specific quotation on request.

Please contact us here if you wish to instruct us on your matter or if you would like any further information.