piWill I have to go to Court?

As a Claimant it is for you to prove your case. That may require attending Court to give evidence.

It is fair to say though that only a tiny percentage of claims result in a trial when the Claimant has to give evidence. When preparing your case we have to work on the assumption that your case might be one of the few which reaches Court and we have to prepare it on that basis. Most people are anxious about the possibility of having to give evidence. Giving evidence is not a memory test, please see the section above on witness statements. Most Claimants are nervous about this prospect of giving evidence but if you are concerned please raise this with us and you should do so before we issue Court proceedings.

It is often necessary to issue Court proceedings, but only a very small percentage of cases ever reach a final hearing at which it would be necessary for you to attend Court to give evidence

Will you have a Barrister?

If your claim is complex then it may be necessary to obtain the advice of a Barrister (sometimes referred to as "Counsel") to ask him or her to prepare some of the formal documents in your case, to advise about the prospects of success or the value of your claim and it may be necessary for the Barrister to conduct your case in Court. The involvement and retention of Counsel is something that we will discuss with you.

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