Where someone has died in circumstances which are unclear, this can often result in an Inquest being held to investigate what the cause of death was.  This can be a difficult and painful process for anyone involved - and in particular those who are grieving.  If an inquest is held it can provide an opportunity for friends and relatives to understand what actually happened.

An Inquest is not a trial

An inquest is not there to attribute or to allocate blame.  It is a fact finding process to determine the cause of death. An Inquest will normally  only conclude after any Police (or any other relevant) investigations have been concluded; evidence obtained during that process will often be considered at the Inquest. Witnesses may be called to give evidence during the hearing.  Those who are designated as interested persons will have the opportunity to put questions to those witnesses.   In some inquests a jury may be required.

Why use Crosse + Crosse

Crosse + Crosse are one of a relatively small number of firms in the South West who can offer specialist help and support through this painful but important process. The Coroners Court is an open Court and anyone can attend, including members of the press. Participating in the process can be a frightening, upsetting and an overwhelming ordeal for anyone - particularly someone who is suffering bereavement - and it may be difficult to be objective in these circumstances.

Our aim is to provide you with a voice and the opportunity to explore those areas which concern you in trying to establish the truth of what happened without the ordeal of having to do that for yourself.

We will seek to ensure that you receive the best explanation possible as to what happened; potentially this may be the opportunity you will have to explore this and to put questions to those directly and indirectly involved in what has happened.

Experienced members of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have without any further obligation and we are happy to provide you with more information about the inquest process.  We can also provide you with a copy of ‘This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.’ upon request. The handbook offers a comprehensive and easy to follow guide to the coroners' inquest system in England and Wales and, is written by the charity INQUEST, based on its 30 years of supporting bereaved families through the inquest process. (www.inquest.org.uk)000 0436 145x206 118x168

Our team has considerable experience in handling Coroner's Inquests and some recent notable cases have included:

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