Nello 2016 Bike Ride

Force Cancer Charity Bike Ride Nello 2016

Claire Barrow and Peter Yates (husband of Sarah Yates) took to the Devon Roads on Sunday 26th June representing Team Wendy in a bid to raise money and awareness for a charity close to our hearts. Approximately 1,100 cyclists took to the roads to take part in this gruelling event with both Claire and Peter completing the 100 mile trip in approximately 8 hours.  Both took falls on route but still went on to finish the race regardless.  We would like to congratulate them both for the hard work they put in, not only for the race itself, but also the training that is required to complete such an amazing challenge.  We couldn't be prouder.  We are equally proud to endorse the hard work of all those involved with Force Cancer Charity who dedicate themselves to providing face to face support for so many local people affected by cancer.

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Lucy Roberts takes on the Three Peaks Challenge

A Race Against the Clock
At the end of April Lucy Roberts from our family department took part in the notoriously difficult Three Peaks Challenge.   The challenge involved climbing the highest three peaks in Scotland, England, and Wales: Ben Nevis (1,344m), Scafell Pike (978m) and Snowdon (1,085m) within 24 hours.  The climbing and the travel between each peak had to be done in 24 hours so that too was a logistical challenge in itself in addition to the physical strain from a race against the clock.  Despite challenging conditions the team did incredibly well and everyone returned safe in a very respectable 27.5 hours.
The reason that Lucy chose to take part was as a result of her friend’s younger brother being diagnosed with cancer last year.  At only 23 years of age he had been working as a Sales Manager to fund his dream of becoming a commercial helicopter pilot. Everything changed when he coughed up blood while leaving his home on the way to work. After 4 weeks of medical procedures and surgery, he was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Angiosarcoma, found in his lungs but had already spread to his lymph nodes and his brain. The last year has been an incredibly painful one with brain surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy but he continues to fight against Angisarcoma.  By way of recognition of his strength and courage Lucy and her team wanted to show their support by taking on this challenge. 
25 people took plart in the challenge to show our support to Sam and his family and raise money and awareness of Sarcoma UK. 
If anyone would like to donate to the cause, all donations would be most welcome to the just giving page:
For information on the charity see the Sarcoma Uk Website: and for stories of people affected by Sarcoma: sarcoma

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Divorce Court Fees Rise

 Divorce Still Affordable Despite Court Fee Increase 

The Ministry of Justice has today raised the Court fee that must be paid to start divorce proceedings from £410 to £550. Whilst the rise has not gone as far as mooted in 2013 when the Government first mentioned elevated Court fees as high as £750, it is still a significant increase less than two years after the last hike and may leave people worrying if they can actually afford to get divorced.  

However, there are ways to manage the costs involved when choosing to go down this route.  Firstly, it is important not to overlook the Court fee remission system, which means that you may be exempt from the Court fee altogether if you are in receipt of certain benefits or have a low income or at least entitled to a partial remission which can provide a significant saving.

Here at Crosse + Crosse we also offer fixed fee costs for divorce proceedings so you know what you will be paying from the outset and, with flexible payment plans to suit all budgets, it is usually possible to find an affordable way forward for all clients. Divorce proceedings usually take around 6 months so this timescale can also make it easier to spread the burden if necessary.


We have a specialist team of lawyers with vast experience. Please feel free to contact us on 01392 258451 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange an appointment or discuss matters further.

Baby Boom Generation Taking to Divorce Courts

Baby Boomers continue to affect statistics

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Park Home Sale Success

Site owners Hills Leisure (UK) Ltd were determined to try and end the "Mobile Homes Act" agreement of Mr S.  Being aware of his efforts to sell his home, they started court action to try and end it, so they could get back his plot.

Solicitor Tim Selley successfully resisted this claim and also got an order from the Court that Hills should pay Mr S' costs.  After two years of trying, Mr S was at last able to sell his home.

Tim says "Mr S had tried for two years to sell.  During that period Hills did many things to block it.  At the start when Mr S found a buyer who was agred 52, Hills said they would not allow it, as there was a site "age rule" of 55; despite the fact on their website, they said this was 50.  When I pointed this out to them they took down the website, but not before I had taken a copy of it!  They also even wrote to the estate agent saying he should not be helping in selling it and said they were reporting him to Trading Standards.

"Sale blocking" (when certain site owners try and prevent a sale by a park home owner) is certainly less likely now, due to changes starting with the Mobile Homes Act 2013.  However it can still happen".

If you have any concerns about sale blocking or any other aspect of park homes law, Tim is happy to discuss this with you.

Tim can be contacted on 01392 678694 or emailed on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..