Buying and Selling Park Homes

Caution When Buying and Selling Park Homes

It is often said on Park Home sales and purchases that “you do not need a Solicitor”.

Of course, it’s the choice of the seller or buyer whether to take legal advice, but a recent case gives a good example of the sense in using an experienced solicitor who has expertise in this specialist area of the Law.

In the case in question, the buyer, Miss Elleray, was left paying £14,500 more than she thought she should.  The terms of the purchase and the forms just had not been thought through and, as a result, the dispute was whether what Miss Elleray agreed to pay was £145,000 all in (as she argued) or £145,000 plus £14,500 commission to the site owner, namely £159,500 in total.

The Tribunal, on the facts and despite how the forms were completed, decided it was the higher figure and Miss Elleray’s appeal failed.  She was left disappointed as were the sellers who had to endure the worry and expense of two hearings to sort it out.

The Tribunal dealing with Miss Elleray’s purchase commented that neither the estate agents nor the licensed conveyancers who acted had a proper understanding of Park Home law.

Through Tim Selley, Partner, Crosse and Crosse Solicitors LLP handles Park Home purchases and sales and advice on Park Home disputes all over the country.  Tim comments: “this case is an example of how things can go wrong if the parties do not take proper advice from a specialist.”


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