Raising Awareness of Lack of Cohabitation Legal Rights

Crosse & Crosse joins with Resolution to raise awareness of lack of cohabitation legal rights 

Despite the fact that marriage rates are falling, and people are increasingly choosing to live together and have children together without getting married, the law has yet to catch up with this reality of modern day society and many people are unaware of what this means if their relationship subsequently breaks down.

This week celebrated Cohabitation Awareness Week, which is being run by Resolution, the Family Lawyers’ Association, to raise public awareness of the lack of legal rights for cohabiting couples. Despite the myth of “common law marriage,” cohabiting couples actually have little or no legal protection should they decide to separate.

The hope is that by making more people aware of this, they can take steps to protect themselves as far as is possible under current legislation, and also seek to drive change by highlighting the gaps in the law and the effect of these to the government so that reform in this area can be urgently considered.

All our family lawyers at Crosse + Crosse are proud members of Resolution, and we specialise in advising people in cohabitation disputes, particularly the property and children issues that often can arise from them. We also have experience of dealing with cohabitation agreements to try and plan ahead for what should happen in the future if any relationship breaks down, so that any difficulties can be kept to a minimum and the parties can remain amicable, which is particularly important where children are involved.

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