Nello 2016 Bike Ride

Force Cancer Charity Bike Ride Nello 2016

Claire Barrow and Peter Yates (husband of Sarah Yates) took to the Devon Roads on Sunday 26th June representing Team Wendy in a bid to raise money and awareness for a charity close to our hearts. Approximately 1,100 cyclists took to the roads to take part in this gruelling event with both Claire and Peter completing the 100 mile trip in approximately 8 hours.  Both took falls on route but still went on to finish the race regardless.  We would like to congratulate them both for the hard work they put in, not only for the race itself, but also the training that is required to complete such an amazing challenge.  We couldn't be prouder.  We are equally proud to endorse the hard work of all those involved with Force Cancer Charity who dedicate themselves to providing face to face support for so many local people affected by cancer.

PeteNello2016 ClaireNello2016