Divorce Court Fees Rise

 Divorce Still Affordable Despite Court Fee Increase 

The Ministry of Justice has today raised the Court fee that must be paid to start divorce proceedings from £410 to £550. Whilst the rise has not gone as far as mooted in 2013 when the Government first mentioned elevated Court fees as high as £750, it is still a significant increase less than two years after the last hike and may leave people worrying if they can actually afford to get divorced.  

However, there are ways to manage the costs involved when choosing to go down this route.  Firstly, it is important not to overlook the Court fee remission system, which means that you may be exempt from the Court fee altogether if you are in receipt of certain benefits or have a low income or at least entitled to a partial remission which can provide a significant saving.

Here at Crosse + Crosse we also offer fixed fee costs for divorce proceedings so you know what you will be paying from the outset and, with flexible payment plans to suit all budgets, it is usually possible to find an affordable way forward for all clients. Divorce proceedings usually take around 6 months so this timescale can also make it easier to spread the burden if necessary.


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