Baby Boom Generation Taking to Divorce Courts

Baby Boomers continue to affect statistics

It has long been accepted that Baby Boomers (those born between 1945 and 1955) have affected statistics, whether it be the increase in school pupil numbers in the late 50’s early 60’s; the effect this generation is having on the NHS managing health issues or even the increase in property prices and second homes when their generous pensions allowed for early retirement and tax free lump sums to invest in holiday homes.

The latest release from the BBC is that the baby boom generation are now taking to the divorce courts in ever increasing numbers, their children having left the nest and their pensions providing some extra cash it seems they are no longer willing to remain in a tired relationship as generations in the past have done.

The stigma of divorce has gone, women of today are attractive in their financial independence and remaining with someone who may seem to be needier or who requires health assistance in their old age does not appeal to some wishing to enjoy their new found freedom in retirement.

Little thought goes to the hurt caused to the families and extended families. Dividing a matrimonial pot which was more than sufficient for one family is barely sufficient for two.

We at Crosse & Crosse are familiar with this situation and what assistance can be provided to women and men who find themselves wanting a new life and perhaps a new love. Also advising those who have been left behind and what they can do to protect themselves financially. We have accredited specialist solicitors who can advise husbands and wives who find themselves in this situation, they can advise on solutions without going to court and can provide practical sensible solutions to what seem like insurmountable problems.

In particular we can assist if you have co-habited for many years in the mistaken belief that there is the financial and legal protection of being a “common law wife or husband” sadly there is no such thing in England & Wales and hasn’t been for centuries. .In those circumstances you do require specialist advice on property and finances.

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