Park Home Site Rules

Are you aware what has happened on your site in relation to site rules?

The date has now passed where “old” site rules (in essence those before the changes by Mobile Homes Act 2013 came into force) no longer have any effect.  Your site will therefore have no site rules unless your site owner has followed through the process in the new regulations to put into place new site rules. This includes the need for the rules to be deposited with your local authority and proper notice given to that effect to all home owners.

Having checked with some authorities it is clear that although many sites now have their new rules in place, a number do not.

Partner Tim Selley says “this is likely to mean on those sites that no rules presently are in place and can therefore be enforced either by the site owner or home owners..  This might lead to problems for instance with an “age rule” not being binding or one as to pets.  Also it might give the impression to home owners that some previous rules, for instance giving the site owner a “say” on a sale  may still apply  when they do not”

If you are concerned about this on your site Tim is happy to discuss with you.  He can be contacted on 01392 678694 or emailed on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..