Park Homes Site Rules Update

One of the changes made by Mobile Homes Act 2013 was to formalise the position with site rules.

Gone are the days were certain site owners could create or alter these at their whim!

Any existing site rules will cease to exist after 3 February 2015 unless new rules are brought in under the procedures now in place.

These include a consultation process and the ability if agreement is not reached for the Tribunal to decide.

Site rules are to be “express terms” of home owner agreements and will as well be registered with the licensing council.

Partner Tim Selley, who specialises in park home work, says: “Although the new regulations came into force several months ago many site owners have still not started the process.  From cases I have seen others have sought to bring in new rules without following it. Sire rules are important for park home owners and residents associations.  On many well run sites there will not be problems but on some there will, may be with site owners trying to put in force rules they are not allowed to have (for instance in attempts to block sales) or change the nature of the site in a way residents do not want.  Bearing in mind as well what happens after 3 February 2015 home owners may wish advice on what they can do if the site owner is not dealing with this matter”

Tim’s work covers homes all over the country and he is happy to advise home owners and residents associations on these and all other aspects of park home law.  





Tim is head of the Park Home legal team at Crosse + Crosse Solicitors. He can be contaced on 01392 678694 or emailed  on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.