Park Home Sales - a Cautionary Tale

A Seller and a Buyer on a sale under the new law fail to follow the new procedures.

Indeed the buyer pays the seller and moves in just 2  days after the “notice of  proposed sale” is given to the site owner.

Despite the obvious innocence in all this, and the involvement of the site manager, the site owner applied for a Refusal Order and for good measure as well applied to the court to terminate the “Mobile Homes Act” agreement. So buyer was threatened with losing the home he had paid for and seller the risk of having to pay him back and losing the protection of the Act as well.

Partner Tim Selley acted for the buyer.  After he had put the case to be argued by the seller against this site owner’s claims the site owner withdrew the Refusal Order claim soon before the hearing and  settled the termination action.  So Tim's client kept his home and the seller kept the money paid.

Tim says "it was pleasing to resolve this matter which naturally caused my client a lot of worry. I feel the site owners were unreasonable in how they brought these proceedings. I think the case shows the importance of sellers and buyers taking proper advice.  Had that happened the worry and further legal expense would have been avoided".

As well as handling park home dispute cases, Crosse + Crosse also handle park home sales and purchases with fixed fees available.  Please contact Tim for further details.

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