A better deal for mobile home residents?

On 26th May 2013 a new law comes into affect to protect people living in mobile homes from widespread malpractice by site owners and making it easier to buy or sell a mobile home.

A report commissioned by the Government in 2012 uncovered rogue site owners putting off potential purchasers so they could buy mobile homes on their sites at knock-down prices, replacing them with new ones they could sell on for huge profits. The new law will take away a site owners' right to approve the buyers of mobile homes, and includes tougher legislation to protect residents. Local authorities will also have the power to give greater fines.

The new law doesn’t just deal with site owners, the seller now has to provide much more information to the buyer than was previously required. Failure to provide this information could see the seller being sued buy the buyer. Buyers will also find themselves having to comply with new rules which include site owners claiming 10% of the sale price.

Tim Selley, head of the Park Home legal team at Crosse + Crosse Solicitors said: “With the popularity of park home ownership increasing it’s imperative that people are aware of these new rules because the law puts a number of obligations on both the seller and buyer. Failure to comply with these regulations could find both parties in trouble. Most agreements currently in place will still be classed as “existing agreements”, where the site owner retains a limited role.”

There are many other issues surrounding the purchase of a park home, aside from those raised by the new law, which should be checked by a lawyer before a sale is completed, as with the purchase of any property.

If you are buying a park home contact Tim who is head of the Park Home legal team at Crosse + Crosse Solicitors. He can be called on 01392 678694 or emailed  on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.