Park Homes Residents Association Success

Park Homes Residents Association Success

Partner Tim Selley has just secured recognition of a residents association as a “qualifying residents association” under the Mobile Homes Act.

What makes this case unusual is that not only before his involvement had the site owner resisted previous efforts by the residents association to secure recognition, it had in fact succeeded on that on a prior claim to the Residential Property Tribunal.

When then he became involved, Tim advised the association on steps it needed to take and again put the case for  recognition to the site owner.  At first it maintained its objection but soon backed down and agreed after Tim lodged a further tribunal application.

Tim says: “I have been pleased to help my clients out on this matter.  I believe strongly there never was any good reason for the site owner to object and that seems to me why in the end they gave in. I hope now with this recognition that it helps the residents park to have a better say on what happens on their park”.

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