Crosse + Crosse Solicitors become an LLP

Crosse + Crosse Solicitors become an LLP

Crosse + Crosse Solicitors in Exeter, Devon are pleased to announce that from 11 March
2013, their business will become a limited liability partnership (LLP).


What is an LLP?
In the United Kingdom, LLPs are governed by the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000.
A UK Limited Liability Partnership is a corporate body which has members rather than
partners or shareholders. Unlike a partnership, it is the LLP itself which is liable for any
debts of the business and not the individual partners. Law firms with LLP status publish
their annual financial results.

Why are we converting to an LLP?
The main reason for the change is to enable Crosse + Crosse Solicitors to trade with
limited liability. It was considered more appropriate that only the firmʼs assets should be
potentially at risk rather than the personal assets of our partners. It also important to adopt
a modern and efficient structure to make sure Crosse + Crosse continue to attract the best
talent and maintain a high quality service to customers.

Converting to LLP status will not affect the delivery or quality of service that Crosse +
Crosse are known for, nor does it fundamentally change the way in which we operate or
work with our clients. Crosse + Crosse remain committed to improving and modernising
the services we provide to clients.

The change to LLP status will not affect the day-to-day dealings with clients and current
contacts will remain the same.

If you have any queries regarding the conversion to an LLP do not hesitate to contact
Crosse + Crosse Solicitors.

Crosse + Crosse are a leading Exeter law firm. If you would like further information or
advice please contact our Exeter office on 01392 258451.