Changes to Personal Injury

On the 1st April 2013 there are going to be significant changes to the way personal injury claims are dealt with.

Previously,  if the claim was successful the legal costs of pursuing a personal injury claim were paid for by the other side, with the claimant receiving 100% of the compensation. Changes to the law will mean an injured person may find that up to 25% of the damages awarded to them are being used as payment for legal fees.

With claimant's now having to in part  fund their own claims the actual amount of compensation received will be significantly eroded. Levels of compensation in England and Wales are not generous, and this change in the law will see them fall even further. This could increase the chances of claimants falling into debt as a result of their injury and subsequent inability to work, something the compensation was originally designed to prevent.

Furthermore, these changes are likely to make it harder for people to find solicitors to take on their compensation claim if the claim is seen as risky, or the likely compensation is of low value.

To avoid these problems don't delay, get advice now – the clock is ticking!