Park Home owners resist increase in pitch fees

Success for Park Home owner clients before the Court and Residential Property Tribunal

The Residential Property Tribunal has recently given two decisions on cases where Crosse & Crosse partner Tim Selley acted for the park home owners in resisting applications by site owners to increase the pitch fees payable. In both cases there was a large measure of success for the home owners.

Tim says “in both cases the site owner tried to claim for pitch fee increases for previous years but failed. Also the required notices proposing the present year increases were held to be invalid. On the one case this meant the site owner failed entirely. On the other the owners failed against the majority of the home owners.

Both sites suffer from long term site maintenance and related problems and it was pleasing as a result to obtain these good results”

This follows on from success in the County Court at a recent hearing where despite the determined efforts of the site owner, Tim successfully opposed the site owner’s claim to try and evict the home owner.

Tim deals with cases nationwide for park home owners and residents associations and is happy to be contacted with any issues for an initial “no obligation” assessment.