Equality and Diversity


Crosse and Crosse LLP is committed to equality of opportunity and recognising diversity in all areas of its work. All staff and clients will be treated in a fair and equal manner and in accordance with the Equalities Act 2010 and the protected characteristics within it.

These are: Age; Disability; Gender reassignment; Marriage and Civil partnership; Race; Religion or belief; Sex and Sexual orientation. Crosse and Crosse LLP will not discriminate in any area of employment, or in the provision of its services to clients and accepts its responsibilities to comply with legislation as stated above.

It is the responsibility of all staff of Crosse and Crosse LLP to act in a fair and proper manner and in accordance with the firm’s policy. Partners will ensure that the policy is properly applied. Responsibility for the policy and its application lies with the Partners.

Anyone who feels that he or she has been subjected to unfair discrimination should take the matter up with the Office Manager in the first instance.

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